We provide cleaning and packaging of components that meet or exceed the cleanliness levels of oxygen cleaned parts contained in the SAE aerospace recommended practice 1176 (ARP1176).   Depending on customer requirements we can achieve cleanliness level codes ARP1176-V, ARP1176-3 and ARP1176-3-300. All orders that we process also adhere to AIR5742 which details the recommended practices for packaging and transit of aircraft oxygen equipment.


All work is performed onsite at o2 Corporation’s Wichita Kansas facility by trained professionals.  We provide cleaning for metallic and non-metallic components.


Each order is checked and verified at multiple stages throughout the process.


Our quality system is AS9100c certified and ensures that our customer’s expectations are met at every stage of the process.


For further information please call our office at 316-776-4668 or email us at websales@ARP1176.com.



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